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The vessel “SPASATEL KAVDEYKIN” took part in the international exercise “Barents 2014”

According to the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency, on June 4th, 2014, the multipurpose salvage vessel “SPASATEL KAVDEYKIN” of MPSV07 project, 4 MWt, participated in the international exercise for people search and rescue “Barents 2014”.

The multipurpose salvage vessel with ice class is unique thanks to her equipments and technical capabilities. The vessel was built in 2013 by Nevsky Shipyard on order of the Direction of State Contractor of Marine Transport Development Program of the Federal Marine and River Transport Agency of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The three vessels of MPSV07 project are the biggest and the most significant vessels built by Russian shipyards at the expense of Federal Target Program “Russian Transport System Development (2010-2015)”. The fourth vessel is under construction.

The project MPSV07 is developed by Marine Engineering Bureau-Design-SPb, JSC.

The international exercise for search and rescue of people in distress at sea and for oil products response “Barents 2014” took place at the Barents Sea near the Varanger Fjord (Norway).

The exercise “Barents” takes place annually in Russia and Norway alternately. This year Norway led the exercise. It was organized and carried out by Marine Rescue Coordination Centre “Murmansk Maritime Port Administration” in collaboration with Joint Rescue Coordination Centre of Northern Norway.

The participants of the exercise were:

Murmansk Marine Rescue Coordination Centre;Northern Branch of SMPCSA - multipurpose salvage vessel “SPASATEL KAVDEYKIN” of MPSV07 project, 4 MWt; rescue boat  for booms installation "Marcab"; diving boat "Diver Pechkurov";
Northern expeditionary party for salvage operations – maritime salvage vessel “Mikula”;
Aviation of the Northern Red Banner Fleet - MI-8 and IL-38;
Murmansk Air Traffic Control Centre;
FSB Border department in Murmansk region – coast defense ship;Radio Centre of Murmansk Trawl Fleet; Murmansk Meteorology Centre;
Joint Rescue Coordination Centre of Northern Norway;
Norwegian Coastal Administration – vessels: NSO Crusader, Kraft Johanssen, Hornoya, Else-K, Los 115, airplane for oil products spill search B350ER; Varde radio; Varde-VTS;
Norwegian Coast Guard – ships: Harstad, Farm; 330 air squadron- helicopter Sea King;Maritime patrol service – airplane Orion P3.

According to the exercise script two vessels collided. One of the vessels was tanker with 2000 ton of oil products. There was a hull breach on the tanker and fire on the second vessel. The crew of each vessel was 20 people.  The crew left the tanker because of flood threat. As for the second vessel it was necessary to damp down the fire and rescue people in smoke-filled rooms. JRCC of the Northern Norway received the distress signal, informed the vessels in distress area and request Murmansk Marine Rescue Coordination Centre to help. The Centre sent salvage vessels and vessels which were in distress area to the accident area.

The training conditions were maximum closed to real.

Damage control party was put onboard, crew members were evacuated, people in smoke-filled rooms were rescued. The fire was brought under control by fire-fighting system of the salvage vessel “SPASATEL KAVDEYKIN” and maritime salvage vessel “Mikula”. The rest vessels and ships took part in searching of the tanker crew who had left the vessel. All dummies were found with visibility of the exercise area not more than 150-300 meters.

Specialized vessels of Russia and Northern Norway participated in oil products spill response. Murmansk Meteorology Centre used the program for oil spill movement forecasting taking into account meteorological conditions in the area.

The tasks and purposes assigned for the international exercise were performed.

 Russia will lead the next exercise “Barents 2015”.

 Source: Marine Engineering Bureau