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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

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Home » News » 2017 » "Spasatel Kavdeykin" took part in exercises in the area of SSFD "HAKURYU-5" on the shelf of Sakhalin

"Spasatel Kavdeykin" took part in exercises in the area of SSFD "HAKURYU-5" on the shelf of Sakhalin

According to Morspasluzhba of Rosmorrechflot, on July 6, 2017, multipurpose salvage vessel (MPSV) of the MPSV07 project with the capacity of 4 MW "Spasatel Kavdeykin" took part in the complex exercises of the company Gazprom Neft Sakhalin LLC for fire fighting and oil spill response (OSR) in the region Semi-submersible floating drilling rig (SSFD) "HAKURYU-5" on the northeastern shelf of Sakhalin Island.

The exercises were conducted as part of the launch of the OSR plan. The exercises involved the forces and means of the rescue unit of the Sakhalin branch of the FBI Morspasluzhba of Rosmorrechflot, including the MPSV of the MPSV07 project "Spasatel Kavdeykin", the duty-dispatching service, the rescue unit, the OSR equipment.

In the course of the exercises, the following points were worked out:

• cooperation in the liquidation of an emergency situation;
• deployment of booms;
• construction of an oil collection order;
• application of the oil collection system;
• fire fighting on an emergency vessel using shipboard guns.

Learning objectives are achieved, the tasks are fulfilled. The actions of the participants of the exercise were well appreciated by the management of Gazprom Neft Sakhalin LLC, representatives of Rosprirodnadzor and FSBI "AMP Sakhalin, Kuriles and Kamchatka".

"Spasatel Kavdeykin" is a unique multifunctional salvage vessel by it equipment and available technology, built in 2013 by the Nevsky Shipyard, commissioned by the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport of the Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation for Morspasluzhba of Rosmorrechflot. In total, the Nevsky Shipyard built four ships of the MPSV07 project.

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