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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

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Tug-salvage vessel “Beysug” was launched at Nevsky Shipyard

On the 1st of June 2017 on the slip of Nevsky shipyard a launch of multipurpose shallow-draft tug-salvage vessel, capacity 2.5-3 megawatt, MPSV12 project “Beysug” took place.

The construction of vessel is provided by the order of FGM “Directorate of State Contracting Authority for Marine Transport Development Programmes”.

The project was developed by CJSC “Marine engineering Bureau-design-SPb”.

The multipurpose salvage vessel-tugboat (MPSV) of the MPSV12 project is a shallow-draft vessel with an Arctic ice class Arc 5, with an inclined stem, with a two-tier lengthened superstructure of the tank, an engine compartment in the middle part, with a diesel power installation, with two adjustable pitch propellers, two bow thrusters and one stern thruster.

Main dimension
Length overall, m  -   79.85
Length between PP, m  - 73.39
Breadth overall (without fenders), m - 17.36
Breadth, m  - 16.80
Depth, m - 6.70
Range of sailing, miles - 4000

Function of the vessel: patrolling, search-and-rescue at the navigation districts, in-shore fishing, sea oil and gas field in compliance with class, search and aiding for distressing vessels; search-and-rescue, ship repairing works, diving to the depth up to 60 meters, and also underwater-technical works with underwater welding and cutting, tugging breakdown vessels and objects to the refuge; and also sea tugging of vessels, floating objects and constructions in the ice conditions and in the open water, extinguishing of the burning fuel on the water, liquidation of the oil spill and oil products, search and inspection of the potential dangerous objects, search and aiding, evacuation and accommodation of people, providing medical assistance, extinguishing of fire on the in-shore objects and floating objects with accessible approach from the sea, delivery of general and bulk cargo, delivery of stuff, transportation of 12 passengers in ice conditions at small depths.