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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

Nevsky Shipyard
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Ship repair

Ship repair

One of the leading activities of Nevsky Shipyard is ship repair.

Advantageous location on the great navigation channel “Volga-Baltic Waterway” at the outlet to Ladoga Lake allows to repair vessels quickly and effectively as well as to repair and carry out maintenance works of the passing-by vessels.

The Shipyard has got all the necessary equipment and qualified personnel in order to carry out the complex repair of internal and mixed “river- sea” type vessels both during the navigation and non-navigational period. Ship repair includes navigation, routine, medium repairs, repair in the scope of dry docking, renovation, modernization, remodelling and reclassification.

The production capacities of the Shipyard and also good partner relations with the subcontractors make it possible to repair all types vessels. Nevsky Shipyard carries out the following ship repair services:

partial replacement of different hull elements by new ones (framing, outer hull plating, deck, bulkheads), equipment gears repairing according to supervision of defects:

  • deck machineries dismounting, mounting of new ones or repaired (anchor gear with repair of anchor chains, mooring gear, guard railing, etc.); dismounting, complete repair of rudder propeller complex (RPC) with opportunity of shaft straightening, grooving and facing, RPC mounting;
  • dismounting, repairing and mounting of different pumps versions, boilers;
  • dismounting – mounting of main engines and diesel-generator set;
  • partial or full replacement of ship system pipelines

The ship repair is carried out under the supervision of the inspectors of Russian River Register and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, whose divisions are located directly on the territory of Nevsky Shipyard. Good working relations between the representatives of both classification societies and Shipyard specialists, make it possible to solve quickly and effectively the technical problems, which could appear during repair.

High qualification of ship repair department specialists and also the flexible price policy of the Shipyard, make it possible to find together with ship owners the best solutions regarding the organization of repair works.

The specialized workshop for diesel engines repair carries out repair works, running-in and presentation to the Register of 6L2.75; 6Ч18/22; 6Ч12/14 engines types and their modifications.

Repair capacities:

  • docking weight - 3000 t
  • deadweight -   7000 t
  • length overall - 140 m
  • breadth overall -  23 m
  • navigable depth – 4 m