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Our best wishes for the Victory Day!

Nevsky Shipyard congratulate you on remarkable date - Victory Day!


Nevsky Shipyard laid the keel of sea tanker “Academician Pashin” and launched the dry cargo vessel “NEVA-LEADER 8”

On April 26th, 2014, two ceremonies took place at Nevsky Shipyard: the keel-laying of the medium-sized sea tanker “Academician Pashin” of 23130 project and the launching of the dry cargo vessel “NEVA-LEADER 8” of RSD49 project.


Two solemn ceremonies in one day

On April 26th, 2014, at 12 o’clock the solemn keel-laying ceremony of the medium-sized sea tanker of 23130 project will take place in the covered shed of Nevsky Shipyard.


Nevsky Shipyard took part in the conference “Russian Shipbuilding”

The representatives of Nevsky Shipyard plant took part in the international conference "Russian Shipbuilding"


Two “SPASATEL ZABORSHCHIKOVS” met at Nevsky Shipyard

On March 27th, 2014, the important event happened at Nevsky Shipyard. Mikhail Zaborshchikov and the members of his family visited the salvage vessel “SPASATEL ZABORSHCHIKOV”, recently built at Nevsky Shipyard


Nevsky Shipyard started the sea tanker construction

Nevsky Shipyard started the construction of sea tanker 23130 project (yard number 901). 


The vessel “SPASATEL KAREV” towed off submarine from Saint-Petersburg to Kaliningrad in tough winter weather conditions

From 17 to 24 January, 2014 the vessel “SPASATEL KAREV” successfully carried out the towing of submarine from Saint-Petersburg to Kaliningrad.


Vladimir Kulikov was appointed a.i. Director General of Nevsky Shipyard

Vladimir Kulikov  was appointed a.i. Director General of Nevsky Shipyard.