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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

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The runabout vessel Neva was launched

The vessel is being built under supervision of the Russian River Register, class - « М-PR 2,5 А » in full conformity with  the rules established for construction of inland-waterways vessel with the use of elements of maintained ships.

The class project was developed by « Marine Engineering Bureau - design - SPb ».

The vessel-donor is the passenger m/v « Оm-346 », class « O 2,0 », built in 1959.

The runabout vessel of luxurious type is intended for pleasure trips on inland waterways of the Russian Federation, including Ladoga and Onega Lakes as well as the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea.

The dimensions of the above water part of the vessel allow it to pass under undrawn bridges of St.-Petersburg.

Five double block-cabins, consisting of a bedroom and an individual bathroom are intended for comfortable passenger accommodation. In the middle part of the vessel there is a block of premises for sauna. In the aft part of the superstructure passengers can have their rest in the saloon and enjoy strolling on the walking deck.

The vessel is equipped with a cargo crane for launching a high-speed boat and a hydrocycle from the boat deck. Stern platform has two ladders for passengers swimming.

  The main characteristics of the vessel are:

∙ length - 47 m
∙ width - 7 m
∙ depth - 2.5 m
∙ draft- 1.7 m
∙ speed - 12.0 knots.

Two high-speed diesel engines «Mitsubishi» are used as main engines, each with a capacity of 215 kw. Auxiliary power installation consists of two diesel engine-generators «Kohler» each with a capacity of 80 kw. Propeller-shaft installation «Amartech» has two free 5 –blade fixed pitch propellers with a diameter of 1.0 m. Specially designed skeg protects propellers from any damages.

Endurance of fuel and provision stores - 5 days. Range of sailing with full stocks - approximately 1500 miles. The crew consists of 6 persons.

At the moment the construction works are finishing, and finishing works are carried out. Herewith the shipbuilders take into account the high requirements to interior class.

The vessel is intended to North-West Shipping Company,JSC and must be delivered at the navigation beginning of 2010.