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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

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Summer Sport Competitions of Nevsky Shipyard

On July 11th, 2009 Nevsky Shipyard held the traditional Summer Sport Competitions for the Shipyard employees near the settlement of Maluksa. Thanks to sunny favorable weather the eventful program of competitions and contests was carried out entirely.

The following teams took part in the Summer Sport Competitions, these teams were composed by shipyard subdivisions: Management, Main Engineer department, Production department, Workshop №1 – as well as by subcontractors – «Ladoga» team.

The teams competed with each other in different sports: football, volleyball, tug-of-war, chess, relay , and creativity competition. They wrestled all day long and the winners in separate sports competitions were revealed as follows:

∙Football – team of Main Engineer department
∙Volleyball – Management team
∙Tug-of-war – Management team
∙Relay – Management team
∙Chess – Workshop №1 team
∙ Creativity competition – team of Main Engineer department

The final team results in all of the competitions are as follows:

1st place – Management team
2nd place – team of Main Engineer department
3rd place – Production department team
4th place – “Ladoga” team
5th place – Workshop №1 team

All the participants presented themselves well and did all their best but the strongest won and that was stated by jury composed by teams’ representatives. Cheer teams shouted actively for their colleagues.

In between competitions and contests the participants of the Summer Sport Competitions swam and sunbathed, grilled shashlik and enjoyed outdoor activities in the open air. The slogan declared by organizers «Not a word about work! »  was executed. Herewith a sure bet that charge of energy received by participants will affect well on their work.

 No doubt that Summer Sport Competitions put the participants in an excellent mood, enabled them to feel full of energy and to gain positive impressions.

The Shipyard management is sure that the program of the competitions will be richer and more interesting next year, and more Shipyard employees will express willingness to participate in them. This time more than 120 people took part in the Competitions.