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Судокорпусное производство
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Nevsky Shipyard signs a new shipbuilding contract

On July 19th, 2010 Nevsky Shipyard, LLC and North-Western Fleet, JSC signed the shipbuilding contract for construction of a series of RSD49 project vessels. The Contract came into force on July, 29th 2010.
The project is developed by Marine Engineering Bureau-Design-SPb, JSC.
Ship's class: КМ   Ice2 R2 AUT1-C
The vessels will have the following principal dimensions:
Length overall 139,95 m
Breadth 16,7 m
Draft in river 3,6 m
Cargo holds, length 25 m + 50 m + 25 m
Deadweight in river (draft 3.6 m) about  4525 t
Deadweight at sea (draft 4.7 m) about 7000 t
Capacity of cargo holds about 10900 m3
The vessel of RDS49 project represents a steel single-deck, twin-screw motor ship with three cargo holds, a forecastle and poop, aft arrangement of habitable deck¬house and engine-room. She has a double bottom and double sides in the area of cargo hold with bulb fore and transom aft extremities, with Folding hatch covers and bow thruster.
Cargo holds are designed of the box shape, smooth-wall, ensuring self-shifting of cargo.
Dry-cargo ship is intended for carrying of general and bulk cargoes, including steel, grain, timber, coil, large-dimension and heavy-weight cargoes, hazardous cargoes and coal.
Navigation area  - restricted R2.
Endurance on fuel, water and provision - 20 days. Range of sailing - 4000 miles.
According to the terms of the above-mentioned contract Nevsky Shipyard will build 10 vessels (8+2 in option) during 2010-2013.
The start of steel cutting works for the first vessel of this series is scheduled on the October 1st, 2010; the keel-laying - on November 19th, 2010.