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Судокорпусное производство
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Exhibition is reason for course truing

On September 07-10 the delegation of Nevsky Shipyard took part in 24th Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology, International Trade Fair «SMM-2010» taking 12 pavilions of exhibition complex «Hamburg Messe und Congress». We talked about it to Nevsky Shipyard director general, Vladimir Bazhenov. 

– Mr Bazhenov, what is your overall impression of Exhibition?

– With no doubt SMM Hamburg is the leading international trade fair for shipbuilding sector. You can see almost all the world shipbuilding industry creme de la creme.  Generally, this is the civil and commercial companies however you can meet some kinds of military producers.

Proceeding from what we saw we made sure once again that sea shipbuilding in Russia cannot be developed on the competitive basis easily as against river shipbuilding industry which we belong to. We can compete with Korean and Chinese shipbuilders only in construction of special vessels – supply vessels, icebreakers, special-purpose vessels, technical research vessels, where we have enough scientific and technological potential so we can realize such projects.

– What have you impressed above all?

– New countries appear on shipbuilding market. Among them there is India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, in other words, countries which are not shipbuilding traditionally. The fact that their representatives came to Hamburg means they grow rapidly and want to occupy the part of this niche.

– And even though the China is nearby …

– Exactly… In regards to China over past ten years we see that it develops and begins to build rather difficult ships. And I have a suspicion, that they are already building such vessels.

– On one booth there were represented at first time Nevsky Shipyard, Okskaya Sudoverf and Tuapse Repair Yard. What is the reason for this association «under one roof»?

– All three plants are included into one holding company T.A. Management  and this is big plus.

– What projects of Nevsky Shipyard were represented at the exhibition? Why exactly them? And what agreements were achieved by the representatives of the Shipyard in terms of advanced contracts?

– First of all, we presented our past projects; secondly we showed our present and future projects. We showed brochures and models of the ships constructed for last three years.

Besides, as we are choosing the suppliers and tender procedures now, we had a lot of conversations about equipment and complete of this vessels to prospective suppliers (for second and third Salvage vessels).

This is not a secret that generally we receive import equipment from Europe that is why namely European companies took interest to equipping of Salvage vessels. So all the conversations we had with suppliers of these leading companies. It was very attractively for them to get contract for equipment supply for  ten vessels of RSD49 project, especially under the conditions of crisis.

- Except of companies of your holding what Russian enterprises took part in the exhibition?

– All the North-West Russian companies were presented there. Among them Admiralty Shipyards, Baltisky Zavod, Nord Shipyard, Vyborg Shipyard and many other large plants. 

– Summarizing the shipbuilding and ship repair progress of countries represented at exhibition can we say that Nevsky Shipyard is up to worldwide shipbuilding standards?

– Taking into account assimilated investments, Nevsky Shipyard made great leap forward for this reason we have many delegations and experts interested with our advance and how we realize one or another engineering solutions. Our shipyard is rather modern and if we will go further in modernization, outfitting - it will be very compact and transportable shipyard able to decide rather ambitious tasks.

The main purpose of shipyard is - and first of all we see it as – construction of «river-sea» vessels which is realized as RSD 49 project with 7000t deadweight. We have specific schedule whereby metal supply is coordinated. In a moment we will sign a contract. Delivery of metal will start in October, since second part of the month we begin metal cutting, first section laying is scheduled on November. Every following vessel will be laid every quarter of the year. All the vessels will be constructed in a parallel. Taking into account the start in November, we plan delivery of first vessel in February – March 2012, and generally our aim now – to build one vessel per year. 

Our capacities are enough for that but it is necessary to equip the area of shipyard further:  to increase the length of mooring wall, working area. We plan to deliver five «ready – to – operate» vessels per year.


Nikolay Astafev

Foto by Andrey Galkin

And Nikolay Astafev