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Судокорпусное производство

Судокорпусное производство
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Аварийно-спасательное судно проекта MPSV07

Корпусосборочное производство

Корпусосборочное производство

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Nevsky Shipyard delivered the vessel “SPASATEL DEMIDOV”

On December 4th, 2015, the State Acceptance Board signed the Delivery-Acceptance act for the multipurpose salvage vessel “SPASATEL DEMIDOV” MPSV07. The project is developed by Marine Engineering Bureau-Design-SPb, JSC.

General data:

length overall, about, m    73,0
breadth on DWL, m      15,5
max. draft, m     5,1
deadweight at maximum draft, about t 1171
maximum capacity (not less), kW   2х2000
maximum speed, knots   15

Class of Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping:
КМ  Arc 5 (1) AUT1-ICS OMBO FF3WS DYNPOS-2 EPP Salvage ship

The multipurpose salvage vessel “SPASATEL ZABORSCHIKOV” is unique thanks to her equipments and technical capabilities. The 3 vessels of MPSV07 project are currently the biggest and the most significant vessels built by Russian shipyards at the expense of Federal Target Program “Russian Transport System Development (2010-2015)”.

The vessel is intended for rescue and salvage operations, providing technical support and assistance to vessels in distress, and towing ships and offshore structures in ice and in open water. The technical capabilities allow to re-float vessels that have run aground or are reef damaged, pump water from flooded compartments, tow emergency vessels to a place of refuge, search, rescue, evacuate and accommodate of people, as well as support underwater diving works to depth up to 300 m, and survey the sea bottom and damaged objects at depths up to 1,000 m. The vessel has the capacity to extinguish burning fuel on water, extinguish fires on floating and coastal objects, and clear up oil spills and oil products, including those with flashpoint below 60 °C. 

The vessels of MPSV07 project has unlimited navigation area, including navigation on the seaways of the Northern Sea Route. For this purpose during designing and construction it was taken into account not only the Rules of the Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping and International Conventions in force but also Requirements for design, equipment and supply of vessels navigating the Northern Sea Route.