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Судокорпусное производство
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Nevsky Shipyard
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Nevsky Shipyard will deliver the ferry for river crossing in settlement Voznesenye on schedule

On April 2nd, 2015, Mikhail Kozminykh, the chairman of the Committee for road facilities of Leningrad region, visited Nevsky Shipyard to know about the construction progress of the self-propelled car and passenger ferry, project 2967/3132, building №501. The ferry is being built for Automobile roads department of Leningrad region. The vessel is intended for transportation of motor transport and passengers on the crossing of the river Svir in urban-type settlement Voznesenye. The ferry is named “Arkady Filatov”.

Mikhail Kozminykh looked round the ferry with the management of Nevsky Shipyard. Assembling and welding works, works for welded outfitting installation before insulating are finished. The main gears such as the main engines, diesel-generators, boilers, the main switchboard are loaded onboard. Hull plating, superstructure and open parts of the main deck are painted and cleaned. Works for shaft line and steering gear mounting are being carried out. Bilge systems, water supply system and drainage system are being installed. Mikhail Kozminykh was satisfied with the construction progress and noted that the ferry construction was being carried out on schedule.


For information:

General data:

length overall, about, m   40,5
overall width, m    12,2
midships depth, m          3,3
full-load draft, m               1,7
above-water dimension of fixed parts, m        8,5
deadweight, t           100
passenger capacity, persons          100
crew, persons         3
 transporting motor cars quantity:  
- triaxial dump truck KAMAZ type without cargowith weight of 10400 kg, pcs.     8
  - medium car with design weight of 2000 kg, pcs.
Russian River Register class: O2,0 (ice 30)A  


Big modern deckhouse and easy control of 40,5 meters long hull with up-to-date joysticks are the features of the ferry. The Shipyard representatives said that the ferry was the quintessence of positive long experience in proved hulls construction and integrated up-to-date electronic control.