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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

Nevsky Shipyard
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Nevsky Shipyard launched "Bakhtemir" vessel built for FSI "Directorate of Public Procurement"

On August 19, 2016 on the slip of "Nevsky Shipyard" ceremony of launching of the multi-functional shallow-draft tug-salvage vessel, capacity 2.5-3 megawatt, MPSV12 project “Bakhtemir” took place. The construction of vessel is provided by the order of FSI “Directorate of Public Procurement”. The project was developed by CJSC “Marine engineering Bureau-design-SPb”.

Function of the vessel: patrolling, search-and-rescue at the navigation districts, in-shore fishing, sea oil and gas field in compliance with class, search and aiding for distressing vessels; search-and-rescue, ship repairing works, diving to the depth up to 60 meters, and also underwater-technical works with underwater welding and cutting; tugging breakdown vessels and objects to the refuge; and also sea tugging of vessels, floating objects and constructions in the ice conditions and in the open water; extinguishing of the burning fuel on the water, liquidation of the oil spill and oil products, search and inspection of the potential dangerous objects; search and aiding, evacuation and accommodation of people, providing medical assistance; extinguishing of fire on the in-shore objects and floating objects with  accessible  approach from the sea; delivery of general and bulk cargo, delivery of stuff, transportation of 12 passengers in ice conditions at small depths.

General dimensions

Length  max, m


Width overall  (without timber), m


Overall depth,  m


Shallow-draft tug-salvage vessel has a unique deadweight  for this size of the Arctic ice class and ARC5 - with the draft of 4.50 m / 3.20 m it is 1820 tons / 320 tons and 30-days autonomy of the vessel by fuel, water and provisions.

To carry out special operations in accordance with the purpose of the vessel, the following special systems are provided: special fire extinguishing system; special foam system; special powder extinguishing system; system of the water curtains; bilge rescue system; industrial water system; cargo system of sewage; the system drilling mud / brine, the system collected oil.