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Судокорпусное производство
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"Spasatel Demidov" participated in international exercises in the aftermath of a tanker accident

According to Morspassluzhba Rosmorrechflot, September 14, 2016 multipurpose rescue vessel (MRV) with a capacity of 4 MW MPSV07 project " Spasatel Demidov" took part in the international complex exercises in the aftermath of a tanker accident in the sea "RU DELTA 2016" on "Search and Rescue persons in distress in the sea, emergency aid ship and oil spillliquidation in the sea and in the coastal zone. " The exercises were held in the Black Sea near the sea port of Novorossiysk. 
As the observers representatives of the Black Sea Commission, the Black Sea countries and the Republic of Kazakhstan attended the exercises.
The exercises ware attended by the Azov-Black Sea branch of the FBI "Morspassluzhba Rosmorrechflot", CSF and OPB Rosmorrechflot, FGBU "SCC Rosmorrechflot" FGBU "AMP Black Sea", the Black Sea Fleet, FGBOU VO "GMU named after Admiral Ushakov", LCC "LUKOIL-BUNKER", Marine terminal JSC "KTK-R", FGBU "CherAztehmordirektsiya", Southern regional center EMERCOM of Russia, LCC "AKVASPAS", JSC "YuzhNIIMF", Unified state system of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations (RSE) of Novorossiysk - a total of 18 vessels, ships and boats, two helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicle.
Staff teaching, observers, guests and representatives of the media were on board of MRV MPSV07 project " Spasatel Demidov". 
For practice activities in case of emergency the following situation had been planned: in the "emergency board" tanker "Neman", as a result of the collision and damage to cargo tank occurred fire. In a sea a ​​spill of oil products about 5,000 tons was affected, four crew members were in the water. Evacuation of the wounded, the search and save people from the water and their delivery to the hospitals required, as well as measures to prevent fire on the ship, and the elimination of oil spills at sea and in the coastal strip.
International integrated exercises of "RU DELTA-2016" in the aftermath of the accident of the tanker in the sea carried out in four stages:
Step number 1 "Search and rescue people who are suffering distress at sea." 
Step number 2 "Emergency Assistance to the ship." 
Step number 3 "Elimination of the oil spill in the sea." 
Step number 4 "Elimination of the oil spill on the coastal strip."
The main purpose of the exercise was to develop actions of forces and means of rescue services authorities of the regional administration, checking the level of preparedness of personnel rescue units and cooperating organizations.
The exercises were successful. These objectives achieved fully.
"Spasatel Demidov" - is a unique in its equipment and technical possibilities of multipurpose salvage ship ice navigation, built in 2015, at Nevsky Shipyard (director Evgeny Kuznetsov) commissioned by the FSI "The management of state customer programs for the development of maritime transport" of the Federal Agency of Marine and river transport of the Russian Federation Ministry of transport for Morspassluzhba Rosmorrechflot.
The designer - Marine Engineering Bureau.

News Source: Marine Engineering Bureau