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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

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Nevsky Shipyard launched dry cargo vessel of Project RSD59 «Pola Anatolia»

On 05 July 2018, Nevsky Shipyard launched the single-deck dry cargo vessel of mixed “river-sea” navigation “Pola Anatolia” (Project RSD 59).

The lead ship of Project RSD59 is the first in a series of five dry cargo carriers under a trilateral contract with State Transport Leasing Company as a customer and shipping company Pola Rise as a leaseholder.

Project RSD59 designer is Marine Engineering Bureau.

Type of the ship: Steel single-deck, motor ship, with two fullrotated rudder propellers, with two cargo holds, with a forecastle and poop, with aft arrangement of habitable deck-house and engine-room, with a double bottom and double sides in the area of cargo hold, with cylindrical bow and transom aft extremities, with liftaway type hatch covers, with bow thruster. Ship class

The ship is being constructed on the RS class: КМ Ice2 R2 АUT1-ICS

Main dimension:
Length overall, m 141 Crew 11/14 +pilot
Breadth, m 16.98
Depth, m 6.00
Draught, m (in sea / in river) 4.5 / 3.6
Deadweight, t (in sea / in river) 7445 / 5112
Endurance, days(in sea / in river) 20/12
Container capacity (hold / deck), teu 252 (192/60)
Cargo holds capacity, m³ 11200
Number of holds 2