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Судокорпусное производство
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Корпусосборочное производство

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Nevsky Shipyard started mooring trials of the salvage tug «Beysug»

In March 2018 mooring trials of systems, equipment and practical items on the Multipurpose shallow-draft tug-salvage vessel "Beysug" with a capacity of 2.5-3 MW of the MPSV12 project, building number 1203 began at the Nevsky Shipyard.

The project was developed by Marine Engineering Bureau-Design-SPb CJSC.

Purpose of the vessel:
− stand-by duty, rescue duty in areas of shipping, fishing, sea oil and gas fields according to the ship class
− search-off and assistance for damaged vessels which are in distress
− rescue, ship-repair and dive works at depth not more than 60 m, also diving works with underwater welding and cutting
− towing service of damaged vessels and objects to shelter area, and also providing sea towing of vessels, floating objects and constructions in ice conditions and at open water
− firefighting of burning fuel on water, oil spills response service emergency oil and oil product spill
−search and inspection underwater potential accident objects
− search, rescue, evacuation and placing of people, providing first aid to injured persons
− providing assistance at firefighting at floating and coastal objects accessible from sea
− delivery and offloading of different cargoes including general cargo, off-shore containers, liquid cargo, etc.
− delivery of staff − ROV of working class with depth up to 3000 m service