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The tanker «Akademik Pashin» completed the passage under the drawbridges of St. Petersburg

On September 11, medium sea tanker «Akademik Pashin» with the help of tugboats " Vikhrevoj " and "Tuman" was delivered to Kronstadt.

Nevsky Shipyard was challenged to arrange passing of a huge vessel under the drawbridges of St. Petersburg.

General data of medium sea tanker project 23130:
Length overall-130 m,
Overall breadth (about) -21,50m,
Breadth- 21, 00 m.

The passing of the vessel with such main dimensions is currently the only one for the water area of the Neva river.

On September 7, the medium seal tanker project 23130 "Akademik Pashin" left Shlisselburg from the outfitting wall of the Nevsky Shipyard in the direction of the Lesnoy Mole raid of the Big Port of St. Petersburg.

The first stage was the training maneuvers of towing the tanker "Akademik Pashin" in the roads of Shlisselburg to determine the correct towing strategy.

The successful passage of the tanker "Akademik Pashin" under the two drawbridges - Ladoga and Kuzminsky (Kirovsk, Pavlovo) confirmed the correctness of the chosen strategy. The ship showed itself steady on the course.

"Akademik Pashin" passed through all the drawbridges of St. Petersburg during night passage, despite the presence of force majeure circumstances: dense fog, a large number of ships in the caravan. As a result, the ship reached the breakwater and left the river.

The heaviest task was performed "perfectly" due to the professionalism of the shipyard workers, the ship's crew, the specialists of «Infotech Baltika» and the FBI «Volgo-Balt».

The construction of the tanker «Akademik Pashin» is being carried out in accordance with the State Contract for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. The ship is being designed and built to Russian Maritime Register of Shipping class: КМ Arc4 [1] AUT1 VCS IGS-NG CCO Oil tanker (ESP)