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Our best wishes for the Victory Day!

e congratulate you on the Great Victory Day, a holiday of great moral importance and unifying force, on a holiday, which is forever in the fate of Russia and its citizens!


Multipurpose MPSV07 rescue vessel “Spasatel Kavdeikin” (built by Nevsky Shipyard) took part in exercises near the seaport of Korsakov

On April 20 th 2020, the Sakhalin branch of the FSBI " Marine Rescue Service" conducted a comprehensive exercise in the area of the seaport of Korsakov to help an emergency ship that received severe damages, save people, fight fire and eliminate oil spills.


Nevsky Shipyard restores tanks for Victory Day

Since April 19, 2020, as part of preparations for May 9th, restoration of the exposition of four modern tanks “Heirs of the Heroes”, has been ongoing in the territory of the "Breakthrough of the Siege of Leningrad" Reserve museum.


Rescue Vessel «SPASATEL Kavdeykin» vs a rescuer Anatoliy Kavdeykin.

Neither people nor vessels can know their fate, especially the “crossing of fates”. Part two. Rescue Vessel SPASATEL KAREV vs a rescuer Anatoliy Kavdeikin. The second in the series, but the first by vocation.


Rescue Vessel SPASATEL KAREV vs a rescuer Vladimir Karev

The fate of the vessel vs the fate of man. Neither people nor vessels can know their fate, especially the “crossing of fates”. Part one. Rescue Vessel SPASATEL KAREV vs a rescuer Vladimir Karev



"Spasatel Demidov" takes part in the rescue operation in the Black Sea.

Rescuer «Spasatel Demidov» and tugboat «Mercury» have managed to detect signals coming from an emergency radio beacon of a Su-27 aircraft that went missing in the Black Sea on Wednesday night, a source in Russia’s maritime operations services told TASS.


Coronavirus: Measures introduced for Nevsky Shipyard staff

By the order of the Director General of «Nevsky Shipyard» LLC, a Commission for the implementation of measures for the prevention and control of the spread of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) was established and started working .


Multifunctional salvage tugboat of MPSV12 project "Bakhtemir" in the final annual review of the leading international magazine «International Tug & OSV»

The international magazine «International Tug & OSV», specializing - the port and offshore fleet, included the vessel «Bakhtemir» in its final annual review of 2019.


Medium sized sea tanker «Academic Pashin» conducted a planned maneuvers in the Barents sea.

Medium-sea tanker «Academic Pashin» refueling the frigate «Admiral Kasatonov» in the Barents sea by astern system.


Happy Women’s day!

Congratulations on International Women's Day!